According to the centuries old teachings of numerology, every number has its own unique energy. We each carry a number with us, and this number can help us tap into the powerful, unique energy inside of us. This number is called your “Life Path Number,” "Angel Number," or "Spirit Number" 

So how do we calculate it? It’s all in your birthday!

STEP 1: Take your birthday

For example: November 25, 2014, or 11-25-2014.

STEP 2: Add up all of the numbers in your birthday. 

Using our example: 1+1+2+5+2+0+1+4 =  16

If you're left with a double digit number, add those numbers 

together until you get a single digit...Your Number!

Continuing with our example: 16 becomes 1+6 = 7

So in our example, our Spirit Number is 7! 

Now that you’ve discovered your Number, find out what it reveals about you below:

Number 1: You are an innovator. You thrive on creativity and possess the enthusiasm and drive to accomplish great things. Although you are very independent, you make a wonderful friend, for you are sincerely good-natured and easy to talk to. Your ambition and take-charge attitude, as well as your inner strength, can help you overcome any challenge you may face. Shop the Collection

Number 2: You are a peacemaker, a deep-thinker, a truly spiritual being. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and want the best for others. You possess the rare qualities of honesty and openness, which makes you a great listener and a true force for harmony. Your intuition and vision will take you far. Shop the Collection

Number 3: You are sunshine. Bright, optimistic, and carefree. You are warm, openhearted and magnetic, soaking up all life has to offer and connecting with beautiful souls along the way. You have the gift of creative self-expression, which makes you wonderfully entertaining and fun to be around. Shop the Collection

Number 4: You are strong and driven. When you set a goal for yourself, you will stop at nothing until you achieve it. Though you are very hard-working, you are always there for those who need you, and are someone others can put their trust in. Shop the Collection 

Number 5: You are an adventurer; seeking out the answers to life’s bigger questions, constantly changing and improving. Though you value your freedom, you lend your compassionate heart to humanity at large, and have the passion, skills, and progressive vision to make the world a better place.Shop the Collection

Number 6: You are a true humanitarian, who values friends and family over all else. You are a nurturer, a loving and caring being who is always there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. This also makes you a loyal protector and beacon for justice. You are cherished and admired for your warm heart, and those around you feel comforted and loved in your presence.Shop the Collection

Number 7: You are a thinker, an observer, one who can make sense of it all. Studious and intelligent, you are admired for your great wisdom and almost psychic intuition. You are a peaceful, graceful, affectionate soul who keeps their circle small, but never fails to charm those around them with their quick wit. Shop the Collection 

Number 8: You are a true leader. You are practical and realistic, with a good head on your shoulders and tremendous inner strength. Your hard work and ambition will bring you great success, and your generous, giving heart will allow you to share that success with others and leave a mark on every life you touch. Shop the Collection

Number 9:You are a romantic. A compassionate, giving soul, who shares sweetness and light with all who may cross your path. You are extremely creative and philosophical, and others look to you as a source of spiritual wisdom. You're a joy to be around, and are always uplifting and encouraging those around you. Shop the Collection